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Licensing Requirements

Any entity desiring to license the copyrighted methods of Farmersí Ethanol, shall accept and comply with the following requirements.

         The licensee must provide 100% of the financing for a project.

         Depending upon the site selected and the configuration selected (There are options.), the cost of a facility will range from $85 million USD to $135 million USD.

         Proof that the financing is available must be submitted to FE.

         If the licensee has selected a location, the licensee must demonstrate that a site selection evaluation has been performed, including . . .

         Plentiful sources of water,

         Plentiful feedstock for the cattle (corn, barley, or sorghum, but not wheat),

         Good quality access, e.g., roads,

         Possible access by railroad or water,

         The site selection report must be submitted to FE and approved by FE that the site is acceptable

         A developed strategy for training the operating personnel (FE can help with developing a training program)

         FE will certify the quality of the training.

         If the licensee lacks a suitable site, FE has two sites that are suitable.  The licensee may accept either one.

         A willingness to accept FE as the controlling operator for a minimum period of three years, or until such time as the operating personnel are deemed to be adequately skilled in operating a facility.  This period will last no longer than six years.

         FE will retain an ownership interest of between seven (7) percent and twenty (20) percent, depending upon the extent of involvement of FE.

         The licensee will purchase Farmersí Ethanol interest beginning at year 10 of operation.

         The licensee will pay $250,000 per year for every year of operation of the facility even after the sale of the interest held by Farmersí Ethanol.


Thank you for your interest.


Interested parties are to contact

Earle Soukup, Esq.

Project Manager and

Counsel to Founders and Chairman, Board of Governance

E-mail = erlsoukup@gmail.com


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