F L E X I B L E      F A C I L I T Y

Our facility is designed to be flexible to changes and improvements in design, feedstock, and product output. This flexibility is necessary for financial stability and survival in the ever-changing renewable fuel industry.

Feedstock Flexibility

Our facility is designed to be flexible with a variety feed stocks including, but not limited to corn, sorghum, barley, wheat and triticale.

Sorghum Wheat Barley

Future Output Options

Our facility is designed to produce fuel ethanol but can also be adapted to produce biobutanol. Biobutanol is a four-carbon alcohol produced by the fermentation of biomass giving it a higher energy content than two-carbon fuel ethanol. Typical gasoline contains has a BTU value of 114,000 BTUs/gallon compared to biobutanol at 105,000 BTUs/gallon and ethanol at 84,000 BTUs/gallon.

Ethanol Butanol

The design integration allows future incorporation of accelerated growth greenhouses in northern climates, an efficient custom religious or ethnic abattoir, dairy products and cheese production, and natural fertilizers and natural fiber to restore damaged lands / brown field sites.



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